Special meetings invitation

Announcing a series of special meetings on the 12th to 14th May

by our guest speaker to which all are welcome to attend free of charge. The subject is

Getting to know God.

Who is God? - Friday 12th May at 7pm

How has God revealed himself? - Saturday 13th May at 7pm

Can we know God? - Sunday 14th May at 10am

What does God require? - Sunday 14th May at 11.15am

God and the after life. Sunday 14th May at 5.30pm


These are to held at our church building in Cambrian road


As we go through these lessons we will discuss some of the most important questions that most people ask at some time or other. Many people are unsure as to whether there is a God or not but question the origin of life and purpose of life and also what happens after we die.

We want to help you to understand who God really is by examining the word which he has given to us for this very purpose. Understanding His nature and characteristics and purpose enables us to also understand the true meaning of life and be fulfilled in this life as well as have a hope of an eternal life with him.

Please come along and if you have any specific questions related to this we will be happy to do our best to answer them.

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