church of Christ in Tunbridge Wells

We at the Church of Christ in Tunbridge Wells are a group of Christians who aim to worship and serve God in accordance with the teachings of Christ and His apostles as revealed in the New Testament. We are not a part of any denomination and have only Christ as our Head, we teach only that found in the Bible, which we believe to be the full revelation of God.

Our worship services consist of teaching and preaching, praying, singing and we keep the Lord’s supper every Sunday.

As Christians we are disciples of Christ and so strive to live fully in accordance with His teachings, commandments and example as well as enjoy the many benefits of being His children. We also want to tell the good news about what He has done for us, so that others may join us.

How Can we help you?

We welcome your questions so if you would like to know more, or if we can help you also to learn about Christianity and enjoy a truly purposeful life with great hope, peace and love, then please get in touch, details are in our contact us information.

We also have a free Bible course available on line or by post.

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Cambrian Road
Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN4 9HH

tel.: 01892 523864
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